A Sneak Peek from Atop Thailand’s New Tallest Building

The Skytrain, over 300 meters directly below, snakes across its elevated track like a miniature toy train.

Nearby, cars limp down Bangkok’s Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Road in the evening traffic, tiny specks with glowing pinpoints for headlights.

Look at This Massive Click Fraud Farm That Was Just Busted in Thailand

A significant portion of internet traffic isn’t real. It’s perpetuated by bots, fake accounts set up to artificially inflate the popularity of a website, social media post, or advertisement. On Sunday, the world got a rare look at what the click fraud business really looks like.

Meet the American Missionary Turned Thai Prankster

Luckily, the prank territory isn’t completely ruined online. My Mate Nate is bringing the innocence back to the mischief, showcasing the fun in pranking instead of the cheap shock value.

Chonburi Zoo Attraction Forces Elephants to Swim Underwater for People

A large news agency recently released a surprising video that seems to endorse a possibly abusive elephant attraction that opened late last year at Thailand’s Khao Kheow Open Zoo. One of the park’s most popular draws, the elephant swimming pool attracts scores of families and children who watch the underwater show from the comfort of an indoor theater.