“G Land” Flies High with ‘The Super Tower’ as the World’s Mega Project


“G Land” Flies High with ‘The Super Tower’ as the World’s Mega Project



Grand Canal Land PCL (G LAND) launches “The Super Tower” as the world’s TOP TEN highest skyscrapers at 615 meters tall with 125 floors. This aims to be ASEAN’s new economic hub.


Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited or “G Land,” one of Thailand’s leading property developers, is making a new history through the launch of “The Super Tower” project in Bangkok. Developed as ASEAN’s tallest building and one of the world’s top 10 skyscrapers, The Super Tower will stand 615 meters tall and have a total of 125 floors. The Super Tower is positioned as not just a world-class attraction but also ASEAN’s new economic hub.

Mr. Yotin Boondicharern, chairman of G Land, discloses that, “Spanning over 320,000 square meters of construction area, The Super Tower is going to be the main building of The Grand Rama 9 that has already had various facilities. With The Super Tower, The Grand Rama 9 will offer not just five but six functions. In other words, The Grand Rama 9 is now set to become Bangkok’s most comprehensive project. It will be able to serve a number of tourists and businesspeople each day.”

“At present, The Grand covers 73-rai plot of land, with a total construction area of 1.2. Million square meters, which can serve 200,000-300,000 people per day, under the THB 100 billion investment budget. The project is located at the heart of the Rama 9 Intersection, off Ratchadapisek Road, and also next to the MRT Phra Ram 9 Station, the BTS Asoke Station, Airport Rail Link, and Sirat Expressway. Regarding many projects under The Grand Rama 9, those namely include a residential project (Belle Grand Rama 9), an office complex (G Land Tower – The 9th TOWERS – Unilever Headquarters), convention and banqueting facilities, shopping arcades (Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 – The Shoppes Grand Rama 9), and a luxury hotel. These projects, managed by G Land, have generated vibrant cash flow allowing G Land to invest further and launch The Super Tower. This skyscraper is going to be the new landmark of Thailand, a world-class attraction that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. It will be the heart of a new economic hub too,” Mr. Yotin adds.

“Embracing the mixed used development concept, The Super Tower will divide its utility space into three zones. Firstly, it will have high-rise buildings for premium offices. Meeting international standards, these buildings will be ready to function 24-hours a day to facilitate the work flow of global firms. Target groups are those from banking industry, insurance industry, securities trading industry, brokering services, funds-management services, and financial counseling services. This building aims to be a hub of regional headquarters in the ASEAN. Secondly, The Super Tower will include a six-star hotel to accommodate the world’s top-class guests. Thirdly, it will present an attraction in the form of an observation tower that will bring visitors to the skyline so that they can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Bangkok. The Super Tower will also be the first luxury lifestyles center that provides the most comprehensive service in Thailand,” Mr. Yotin continues.




The front area of The Super Tower will be developed as a convention and exhibition center with well over 6,000 square meters of utility space. This center will feature an open-air, green zone on its top, which is definitely perfect for outdoor and recreational activities. In addition, The Super Tower promises to provide adequate parking space and convenient access to shopping as the Shoppes Grand Rama 9 will be directly connected with The Super Tower.

The Super Tower Project is designed under the concept as an environment-friendly and energy-efficient facility. It has been developed in line with the requirements for the platinum certification of US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), which very few high-rise buildings in Thailand have got the LEED certifications to date. In ensuring compliance with the LEED, G Land has paid significant attention to details in all stages from design, to construction, and to post-construction period for the development of The Super Tower. Now, it has been planned that insulated glass will cover the exterior of The Super Tower. Inside, highly-efficient air condition system will be in place inside using the variable air volume (VAV) to ensure a constant temperature. Energy-efficient materials will be used, and solar cells will be installed to generate some electricity for The Super Tower too. Moreover, bicycle parking space will be available and so will bathrooms to provide convenience to people who travel to their office by bicycles. Indeed, these elements respond so well to city people and truly support their choice of the comfortable, energy-saving transportation mode.

G Land has recruited SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL LLP (SOM), one of the world’s top experts in tall buildings, as the consulting firm for its The Super Tower. Customers, therefore, can be rest assured of The Super Tower’s safety. This world-class skyscraper will have quake-proof design, efficient emergency response system and more. By the time The Super Tower construction is completed in 2019, much of SOM’s modern construction technologies will be transferred into Thailand allowing the country to possess the know-how that can also be shared with others in the future. In all, The Super Tower is going to be the ultimate acme of Thailand’s engineering and architecture industry as it will join the list of the world’s top 10 skyscrapers.

“I am confident that the Thai economy is roaring ahead. G Land launches the Super Tower project in response to the government policy to develop Thailand further and establish the country as the economic leader in the region. Boasting the huge potential to attract both domestic and foreign investors, The Super Power will be the pride of all Thais. This impressive skyscraper will become not just an economic hub of the ASEAN Community but also a definitely world-class attraction,” Mr. Yotin concludes.


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