3 Years After Coup, Thailand Sees Sporadic, Unnerving Unrest

Three years after military leaders overthrew a democratically elected government in Thailand, the country is sputtering economically, watched closely for its crackdown on political freedom and still the site of sporadic but unnerving unrest.

How America Can Put Thailand Back on Track

When generals led by Prayuth Chan-ocha ousted an elected civilian government here in 2014, they vowed to restore order and eradicate corruption. But since seizing power, the junta has become increasingly erratic, incompetent and repressive.

Thai junta announces fresh ‘influential people’ purge

The kingdom is known for its nexus of graft-tainted officials, underground mafia and shady patronage networks, something the ruling junta has vowed to tackle, even though the military has long been tarred by such allegations.