Professor Dr. Theppanom Muangman, talks to a Thai “alien medium” on his iPhone on speakerphone. (Photo: www.kengglider.com)

Doomsday ahead: Alien-obsessed doctor summons Martians to Bangkok

NASA takes note: Thailand has just summoned Martians.

A Harvard graduate doctor, who is famous for his research on aliens, claims he requested Martian ships to land outside his seminar room in Bangkok after the aliens predicted Doomsday for humanity.

A video of Prof. Dr. Theppanom Muangman, 80, talking to a Thai “alien medium” on his iPhone on speakerphone, went viral this week as the female speaker claimed she was communicating with Martians in their language.

The extraterrestrial phone call was part of a seminar held in mid-December by the Mind Science Institute in Bangkok.

“I’ll let whoever who doesn’t believe it speak with you. Sir, please talk in Martian language,” Theppanom said as he turned on his iPhone speaker for the entire room to listen in.

“kari%mg#f@! Only the superb among all men can sense aliens… Not for long, humanity will face grave catastrophe. It is unavoidable,” the female medium translated as she switched between Martian and Thai languages.

“In the future, there will not be many humans left. Only those with pure minds can live,” she said.

So, when will this happen? the professor asked.

“Humanity will gradually die. Catastrophes will continue to happen.”

What about Thailand?

“You country will have many catastrophes.”

How are the politics and economics?

“Not good.”

When will they get better?

“Not any time soon.”

You’re not being very specific, Martians.

Before his audience could tire of the call, Theppanom decided to step up the stakes and told the Martians to land their UFOs outside the seminar room, as the group flocked to the windows with their mobile phones. While no one could see anything, some said they could “sense their presence”.

Prof. Dr. Theppanom Muangman became widely known in Thailand when he claimed he could photograph a UFO in 1994 in Kanchanaburi province.

Before he retired, Theppanom was a dean of the Faculty of Public Health at Mahidol University. He’s currently the director of his own Mind Research Association.

Source: Coconuts Bangkoke